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 Amherst Job Opportunities

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PostSubject: Amherst Job Opportunities   Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:20 am

Use the OOC Board to talk amongst yourselves about who might be taking a particular job. As jobs are taken by players, new ones will become availible in the case that someone new should want to join or an old characters dies, or someone plainly wants to start a new character.

Only one character can fill a particular job (save for Child/Student).

Remember that your job states what your resource rating will be. Resources are not gained by spending any points...but may increase through play.

CHILD/STUDENT (1 Taken, Still Availible)
Requirements: Innocents
Description: You can choose 1 of the following hooks. Your age can be between 8 and 16.
1)You are an orphan transferred to Merry Time Orphanage
2)You have moved here with your parents because they have found a new job in Amherst. Pick one of the available job postings (up to Resources ●●●), but you do not need to meet the requirements, but you also don't get the resources either.
3)You are an orphan, but you are also being pushed by some seedy, shifty people (who aren't your parents) to fulfill the Heir opportunity. This does not take the Heir opportunity off the list for another person to take it. However, both candidates will need to prove they are the heir at this point.

Requirements: Academics ●
Description: Four years of study. Lots of work and responsibilities. Living expenses minimum from loans and grants.
Resources: ●

Requirements: None, Just Apply and show up
Job Description: Flip Hamburgers / Use Register / Be Nice to Customers / Lift Things / Long Hours / Benefits
Resources: ●

DRIVER WANTED (Position Filled)
Requirements: Drive ●
Description: Person needed to make deliveries in and around Amherst. Must be prompt and responsible. Career opportunities available. EOE.
Resources: ●

Requirements: Survival ●●, Stamina ●
Description: Amherst, the budding neo-tropolos of the east coast doesn't stay clean without help from individuals like you. Tasks include: inspection, flood control, route fixing and bio-extraction. Leave application at the town clerks office. Great benefits!
Resources: ●●

Requirements: Politics ●, Academics ●
Description: While Amherst is a shining example of what cities of the modern world should be, it cannot be that way without being able to direct resources where they need to go. We need an individual who will has a sensible head for numbers and people. You will be joining a team of census folks who will be visiting various sites taking in census and economic surveys. This is an opening level position and you will be training under experts to gain forward experience.
Resources: ●●

Requirements: Striking Looks ●●, Expression ●
Description: Melbrook Studios in Amherst is looking for a actors and actresses to star in their new drama series. All applicants should provide resume and glossy's.
Resources: ●●

Requirements: Athletics ●●, Survival ●, Status Firefighter ●
Description: Drug test mandatory. Great benefits, free gym membership. Join the firefighters of Amherst, Ladder 2. Apply in person.
Resources: ●●

POLICE DETECTIVE (Position Filled)
Requirements: Investigation ●, Academics ●, Firearms ●, Empathy ● Police Status ●●●
Description: Looking to move up in your police career? Well Amherst needs fine detectives to work in cross-needs crime investigation. You will be working with Vice, Homocide and Organized Crime task forces to help keep Amherst the lowest crime rate in the country. Applicants will have to pass a written and oral test.
Resources: ●●●

Requirements: Academics ●● (Specialty History and Geology), Science ●, Intelligence ●●●, Investigation ●, Status Masters Degree ●●
Description: The Hawley Natural History museum is looking for an assistant curator and background research assistant. Duties will include scheduling, overseeing new exhibits and displays as well as travel and acquisition. Applicants should have a broad understanding of natural history and world history as they will be doing library tasks for top notch researchers and archeologists. Open schedule is a must! Send resume with references to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
Resources: ●●●

Requirements: Medicine ●●, Academics ●, Empathy ●●, Socialize ●, Status Bachelors Degree ●
Description: As head of the Merry Time Orphanage, you will be responsible for between 40 and 70 children at any time. This orphanage and foster home warrant office see's the best care for children, not found in any part of the world. Finding a good home for good youngsters is a duty we must not overlook and handle with pride. Contact the Amherst Office of City Affairs for resume information and interview appointment.
Resources: ●●●

Requirements: Persuasion ●●, Presence ●● Manipulation ●●, Crafts ●, Socialize ●●
Description: Business loans are available through the Amherst Office of City Affairs. We are striving to build a better city with better businesses. Lets hear your proposal!
Resources: ●●●

Requirements: Academics ●●, Empathy ●, Persuasion ●●, Manipulation ●●, Presence ●●, Status: Masters Degree ●●
Description: Already an exec? Looking for a fresh new company thats rapidly entering the top 100 worldwide. ViTAL (Visceral Talent Application un-Limited) Corporation is seeking a new Vice President to help manage the day to day affairs of our prosperous business. Our companies work on everything from medical research to dog food. It's all about organics. It's all vital!
Resources: ●●●●

LOST HEIR? (Ad Retracted)
Requirements: Striking Looks ●●, One Stat at ●●●●, Status Heir to Fortune ●●●●
Description: Are you this person? Contact Attorney Mason Wells at the following phone number. Most urgent. (Picture of you is posted next to ad).
Resources: ●●●●

Requirements: Firearms ●●, Athletics ●●, Brawl ●, Stamina ●●, Status Rank ● (Minimum)
Description:Fort Cloude, Amherst Area, is has a transfer position open. Specialist training is available. This is a no questions deal. All information you need to know about the position will be explained. Living arrangements will be provided.
Resources: ●●(+?)
Special: Add one resource dot per Status Rank after the second dot.
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Amherst Job Opportunities
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