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 General Rules

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Gary ST

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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:16 am

A Scene:
Is the duration of a thread. A new scene is created when a new thread starts.

Willpower Regain:
You can 1 willpower back on Sunday mornings as long as we are not all in the middle of a scene, in addition to popping your virtue or vice (provided something was at risk). I will also post at the beginning of any scene how much time has passed since the last scene, and how much Willpower may have been regained. Writing short stories about your character may also gain back a Willpower as well.

When I make a declaration for a roll. Post within the scene thread. No need to go private. If there is private information, I will use your private board. But I will respond with the results (if anything noticable).

Dice Rolling can be done at:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

You can ask questions about details in the scene thread, or go to your private board if you want to just keep the details to yourself. You may pre-empt a roll in a post if you are fairly sure thats the what the roll will be (ie: Most perception based rolls are Intelligence + Composure if you are looking around purposefully, while Wits + Composure is reflexively noticing things).

Each player in this game has thier own private message board. If you need to ask something about in game and want to keep it away from other players - post it in your board. Try not to send PM's. The PM list fills up pretty quickly.

If combat occurs, each combatant rolls initiative (d10 + Initiative Mod). Your first intended action should be posted with your initiative. Once all actions and initiatives are posted, the results will be posted by the ST. Everything happens simultaneously in the turn. I will go in the order of initiative, but someone else's actions may affect your action depending on the results.

With luck and time, we can do a combat turn a day.

Remember. Combat in WoD is quick and lethal. Be sure to weigh your options, ask the right questions and check your abilties and knowledges before hopping into a dangerous situation.


  • You gain XP from participating in the main plotline. This is where the majority of your XP will come from

  • You will get an unspecified amount of XP each week based on how the posts and plot go. You will be notified if your character gains the next thing on the your personal list.
  • You gain XP from Self-Plot and Player Interation Stories, where you as the players start your own story threads. This usually stuff that will happen between the main plot, downtime if you will.
  • Downtime/Character story may be interrupted by main plot, so be sure to get your interactions off as quickly as you can. I will wait for an opportune time to post new events. It may be that your character interactions lead to the next point in the main story. I will pay mind to these posts to see what occurs.

Learning Queue

I will be using a general Queue to pull your advancements from. These will not be in order of how you want them, but rather on what general things you want to improve or add. You may get items that are outside your queue from time to time. It is all based on use, and story line. One will not get Striking Looks if they have been beating up thugs with a baseball bat. One will get Striking looks if they go for surgery, or were practicing improving thier overall appearance in game.

You can have up to 5 things queued. On your personal queue, things will get listed as:

It is possible for your XP to go towards multiple things at once, all depending on in game situations. I will keep queues personal rather than post them.

Learning Queue Statuses

(Waiting) - No XP has been spent yet on it, but XP will start to go into it when XP becomes availible.
(No Reference) - Means your character doesn't have the required in-game reason to be able to get this yet. You can keep the item on your list until such a time as you are able to start investing XP.
(Learning) - Means XP is currently invested in the item, but not the required amount.

Example of Queue:
Detric: Investigation (Waiting)
Detric: Stamina (Learning)
Detric: Striking Looks Merit (No Reference)
Detric: Gnosis (Learning)
Detric: Acedemics (History) (No Reference)

Posting Format
Normal text such as this describes your actions. Anything in "quotes" are things you are saying.

Text in italics indicates something you are actively thinking at the time. Though you can include this type of text in your description. Often it is important to put a little of your thoughts and feelings in your posts; well...because it is the World of Darkness and certain things use those types of actions for thier own actions.

Bold text such as this indicate something out-of-game. If you are going to describe an action or aiming for a result, put it in bold at the end of your role play text. Also yellow will work for out of game text as well if Bold is not bold enough for you.

Here is an example.
The minister moved to the other side of the room, unconcerned with the expression on the agent's face. "You know the queen is going to make her move soon. We will all hang".

Not me of course. I have my ace in the hole. Hah!

The minister is attempting to hide his contempt and glee for the agent.
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General Rules
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