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 Character Building

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Gary ST

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PostSubject: Character Building   Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:31 am

Pick a job from the opportunities.
This sets a hook for your character in the Amherst campaign. You should meet the requirements in your initial creation for your job selection. Once this happens, you will have your own vignette introduction to the world, and the game begins for you.

Standard Creation Rules:
Attributes: 5/4/3 (Each stat starts with 1)
Skills: 11/7/4 (Choose 3 Specialties) (Each skill starts at 0)
Merits: 7
Free Points: 4 (As you wish to distribute, following the same rules that over 4 dots costs 2 points, nothing more than 5 dots.

Answer the following questions about your character:
Which of these words catches your eye the most: Educated, Rearranged, Natural, or Invested?
What is your character's greatest fear?
What is your character's greatest love?
What does your character like/hate?
Favorite Color?
Describe your character's immediate family and upbringing:
Does your character have any close friends? And are they more recent or born from childhood?

Submit characters and answers by PM.

Here are the stats, in case you don't know them or have them on hand when you create your character:

Ability List

Intelligence (Power)
Wits (Finesse)
Resolve (Resist)

Strength (Power)
Dexterity (Finesse)
Stamina (Resist)

Presence (Power)
Manipulation (Finesse)
Composure (Resist)

Attributes 5/4/3
Skills 11/7/4 (+ 3 Specialties)
Merits 7 (Buying the fifth dot in any area costs two points)
Health = Stamina + Size
Willpower = Resolve + Composure
Size = 5 for adult humans
Defense = Lowest of Dexterity or Wits
Initiative Mod = Dexterity + Composure
Speed = Strength + Dexterity + 5
Starting Morality = 7




Animal Ken


Check with me if something is odd or you need to know what a particular Merit does.

Specialties List:
A Modified list of specialties for starting characters. Deeper and more specific specialties may be learned as the game progresses.

Academics: Anthropology, Art, Literature, History, Law, Religion, Research, Linguistics, Civil Planning
Computer: Artificial Intelligence, Data Retrieval, Graphics, Hacking, Internet, Programming, Security
Crafts: Mechanical, Electrical, Artwork (Field), Structural, Repair, Forgery, Jury-Rigging, Clothing Design, Gardening, Esoteric, Robotics, Demolitions
Investigation: Artifacts, Body Language, Crime Scenes, Cryptography, Dreams, Autopsy, Diagnoses, Puzzles, Riddles, Scientific Experiments
Medicine: Emergency Care, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Surgery, Diagnostics, Development. Psychological Medicine
Occult: Cultural Beliefs, Ghosts, Magic, Monsters, Superstitions, Witchcraft, Legend Lore, Spirits, Ritualism, Cults
Politics: Bribery, Elections, Federal, Local, State, Scandals,International, Bureaucratics
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Metallurgy, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Theories, Xeno-biology, Microbiology
Athletics: Acrobatics, Climbing, Long-Distance Running, Sprinting, Swimming, Throwing, Jumping, Lifting, Specific Sport
Brawl: Blocking, Boxing, Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kung Fu, Throws
Drive: High-Performance Cars, Motorcycles, Off-Road, Pursuit, Shaking Tails, Stunts, Racing, Boating, Aircraft
Firearms: Auto-fire, Bow, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniping, Trick Shot, Akimbo, Maintain Weapon, Burst Fire
Larceny: Concealing Stolen Goods, Lock-Picking, Pick Pocketing, Security Systems, Safe Cracking, Hot Wiring
Stealth: Camouflage, Crowds, Moving in Darkness, Moving in Woods, Conceal Item
Survival: Foraging, Navigation, Meteorology, Shelter, Hunting
Weaponry: Improvised Weapons, Knives, Swords, etc (by Melee Weapon type)
Animal Ken: Animal Needs, Imminent Attack, Animal by Species, Training, Riding
Empathy: Emotion, Lies, Motives, Personalities, Profiling
Expression: Classical Dance, Drama/Acting, Exposes, Musical Instrument, Newspaper Articles, Speeches, Craft Enhancement, Writing
Intimidation: Bluster, Physical Threats, Stare-Downs, Torture, Veiled Threats
Persuasion: Fast-Talking, Inspiring Troops, Motivational Speeches, Sales Pitches, Seduction, Calm Negotiation, Haggling. Leadership
Socialize: Bar Hopping, Dress Balls, Formal Events,Frat Parties, State Dinners, Carousing, Conversation Control, Hold Interest, Story Telling, Story Spinning
Streetwise: Black Market, Gangs, Rumors, Undercover Operations, Mobsters, Street Scene
Subterfuge: Con Jobs, Hiding Emotions, Lying, Misdirection, Spotting Lies, Long Term Scheming, Tact

Common Sense (●●●●)*
Danger Sense (●●)
Direction Sense(●)
Eiditic Memory (●●)*
Encyclopedic Knowledge (●●●●)
Holistic Awareness (●●●)
Language (● to ●●●)
Meditative Mind (●)
Unseen Sense (●●●)
Ambidextrous (●●●)
Brawling Dodge (●) (Strength ●●, Brawl ●)
Fast Reflexes (● or ●●) (Dexterity ●●●)
Fighting Finesse (●●) (Dexterity ●●● and Weaponry ●●)
Fighting Style: Boxing (● to ●●●●●) (Strength ●●●, Stamina ●●, and Brawl ●●)
Fighting Style: Kung Fu (● to ●●●●●) (Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●, and Brawl ●●)
Fighting Style: Two Weapons (● to ●●●●●) (Dexterity ●●● and Weaponry ●●●)
Fleet of Foot (● to ●●●) (Strength ●●)
Fresh Start (●) (Fast Reflexes ●●)
Giant (●●●●)*
Gunslinger (●●●) (Dexterity ●●● and Firearms ●●●)
Iron Stamina (● to ●●●) (Stamina ●●● or Resolve ●●●)
Iron Stomach (●●) (Stamina ●●)
Natural Immunity (Stamina ●●)
Quick Draw (●) (Dexterity ●●●)
Quick Healer (●●●●) (Stamina ●●●●)
Strong Back (●) (Strength ●●)
Strong Lungs (●●●) (Athletics ●●●)
Stunt Driver (●●●) (Dexterity ●●●)
Toxin Resistance (●●) (Stamina ●●●)
Weaponry Dodge (●) (Strength ●● and Weaponry ●)
Allies (● to ●●●●●)
Barfly (●)
Contacts (● to ●●●●●)
Fame (● to ●●●)
Inspiring (●●●●) (Presence ●●●●)
Mentor (● to ●●●●●)
Resources (-) (Special Campaign Merit)
Retainer (● to ●●●●●)
Status (● to ●●●●●)
Striking Looks (●● to ●●●●)
* - Only available at character creation

EOD (●●●●) (Wits ●●● or Dexterity ●●●, with Crafts ●●●, Demolitions Specialty in Crafts)
Technophile (● to ●●)
Fighting Style: Archery (● to ●●●●) (Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Athletics ●●)
Fighting Style: Chain Weapons (● to ●●●●) (Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●●, Weaponry ●●●)
Fighting Style: Combat Marksmanship (● to ●●●●●) (Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Composure ●●●, Firearms ●●)
Fighting Style: Fencing (● to ●●●●) (Dexterity ●●●, Weaponry ●●●)
Fighting Style: Filipino Martial Arts (● to ●●●●) (Dexterity ●●●, Weaponry ●●●)
Fighting Style: Sniping (● to ●●●●●) (Dexterity ●●●, Resolve ●●●, Firearms ●●●, Stealth ●●)
Fighting Style: Spetsnaz Knife Fighting (● to ●●●●) (Dexterity ●●●, Weaponry ●●●)
Fighting Style: Staff Fighting (● to ●●●) (Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●, Weaponry ●●)

Only a couple of these merits are justifiable at character creation; check with the ST first before marking one down (unless it is noted below for the character) , but can be developed during the course of play with the right sorts of influences.

Cursed Item (● to ●●●●●) (Available for starting characters)
Campaign Effect: Character possesses a valued family heirloom. The character does not know its true nature or value. Note that while this item may grant beneficial properties from time to time, make sure you realize that you are the in the World of Darkness.

Difficult to Ride (●●●●) (Composure ●●● and Resolve ●●●)
Easy Ride (●●) (Wits ●●●) (Available for Starting Characters)
Hollow Soul (●●) (Easy Ride ●●) (Available for Starting Characters)
Locus Drinker (●●●)
Pleasing Aura (●●●)
Residual Spirit Energy (●●) (Must be Mortal)
Saintly (●●●) (Available for Starting Characters)
Shadow Contracts (●●● to ●●●●●)
Shadow Chambers (● to ●●●●●)
Spirit Ear (●● or ●●●●) (Wits ●●● or Composure ●●●) (●● is Available for Starting Characters)
Unseen Sense: Spirits (● to ●●●●) (Must be Mortal, Wits ●●)


Trained Observer (● or ●●●) (Wits ●●● or Composure ●●●)
Athletics Dodge (●) (Dexterity ●●, Athletics ●)
Fighting Style: MAC “Modern Army Combative” (● to ●●●●●)(Strength ●●, Stamina ●●, Dexterity ●●, Brawl ●●)
Decorated (● to ●●●●●) (Military Background)
Small Unit Tactics (●●●) (Manipulation ●●● and Persuasion ●●● with Leadership Specialty)

These merits may only be possessed by characters under or at the age of 16. Some of these merits will begin to dissolve as the character gets older or covert into other merits over time. Should you choose to play a child character, your parents will be the ones getting the job in Amherst; Refer to the Innocents manual for other limitations. Some adult characters may take some of these merits if they make sense to do so, or if the adult suffers a mental deficiency which makes them “child-like”.

Ego Boost (●●)
Mental Prodigy (●) (Any Mental Attribute at ●●●●)
Multilingual (● to ●●●●●)
Prized Possession (●)
Trivia Hound (●●●●)
Fighting Style: Karate for Kids (● to ●●●) (Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●, Brawl ●●)
Fighting Style: Playground Dog Pile (● to ●●●) (Strength & Stamina ●●, Brawl ●●)
Hard Head (●●) (Stamina ●●● or Resolve ●●●)
Physical Prodigy (●) (Any Physical Attribute at ●●●●)
Tiny (●)
Tough (● to ●●) (Stamina ●●● or Resolve ●●●)
Deep Pockets (●●)
Guardian (● to ●●●)
Guardian Angel (●●●●)
Odd Jobs (●)
Pet (● or ●●●)
Social Prodigy (●) (Any Social Attribute at ●●●●)
Team Player (●●)


A Little Knowledge (●) (Must be Mortal)
Good Time Management (●●) (Academics, Medicine or Science ●●)
Multilingual (● to ●●●●●)
Well Traveled (●)
Relic Analyst (●) - A character may not start with this merit and a Relic or Cursed Item
Relic (● to ●●●●●)
Without the “A Little Knowledge” Merit, the character will have no idea that the object is odd or the cause of “activity” of any sort. With the Merit, the character is aware that there is something odd about the object. It is up to the Story Teller to build the relic, it is up to the character to find out what is up with the object during play. Also see “Cursed Object Merit” from Book of Spirits which works in a similar way. Usually the Relic Merit has no real tangible downsides (other than Relic Hunters and supernatural avoidance problems).


City Knowledge (● to ●●●●●) (No more than 1 ● for starting characters regarding Amherst)
Reputation (● to ●●●●●)
Territorial Knowledge (● to ●●●●●) (No more than 1 ● for starting characters regarding Amherst)
Rapport (● to ●●●●●) (An old friend had moved to Amherst)


Gifted (●●●●● Only) – The character has a 'power', but the power is not revealed in its nature until later in the game. Characters may take other uses of Gifted through game play if they have the story background to do so. But the option is open here for a mysterious talent if the character is willing to spend 5 ● on the merit.


Wolf Blooded (●●●●)- Gain Unseen sense for either werewolf OR spirit activity. It is possible that your character may undergo the change at a later date. Should this occur, this merit becomes nullified.


Prerequisites: Danger Sense ●● and Wits ●●
Effect: Your character has a sixth-sense to the world around him when it comes to living creatures. Whenever a situation involves any danger presented by living creatures, you can get a gist of the situation; particularly when it involves immanent danger. This will call for a Wits + Empathy check for any situation that involves conflicting cue's from a source. Some examples would be that eerie sensation that someone is watching you, following you or simply just hates or wants to kill you. What you are seeing isn't jiving with what you are 'feeling'.
Drawback: After a while it is possible that the character may develop a minor derangement of paranoia when too much input is coming in. Things may be calm and normal, but the instincts might be giving off false readings from time to time. It is often up to the character to be able to discern what is true or false sometimes.

Effect: Your character has the edge when it comes to his senses. While you aren't as good as critters in the animal kingdom, you are able to pick up on subtle visual, audio and olfactory cues around you that may be out of place. The character gains a +2 to any perception related rolls whenever the ST deems that it is appropriate. Examples are being able to tell its raining because of the ozone smell filtering down into the basement where the character is working, or to be able to overhear parts of a conversation in another room that others would not be able to pick out. It's not a sure thing, but it can come in handy from time to time.

Effect: In any normal situation that would clearly lock up or cause dreaded fear in a person, the character can keep a clear mind in most cases. The character gains a +2 to any rolls that resist fear, illusions or mental compulsions/instabilities. This merit will not save the character from his own derangements however.

Prerequisites: Wits ●●● and Resolve ●●
Effect: The character is immune to the effects of fear. This does not mean the character is not afraid, but they will not blindly run away or paralyzed by the effects of fear.

Prerequisites: Intelligence ●●●
Effect: The character can memorize and crunch numbers in his head within moments. Any math related problems or tasks can be done within a minute in the characters head. This does not mean the character can read numbers any quicker or produce documents instantly, but they can come up with good and ready answers very quickly. This will however bring down crafting time by 25%. Good for programmers, chemists and physics researchers.

Prerequisites: Intelligence ●●
Effect: The character can spend half the amount of time reading material and absorbing it. Research tasks combined with Library and Good Time Management are cumulative to a minimum of 1 minute per roll.
Drawback: If using speed reading to reduce time, the character is subject to dramatic failures even if its not a chance roll. In such a case, the character fails to absorb the information and must start over again.

Prerequisites: Wits ●● and Composure ●●
Effect: The character can pick out the musical note value and octave of any sound they hear. This includes people's voices, the sound of a train on the tracks, buzzers, etc. A character also has a chance to pick out subtle sound tone levels as to be able to pick out someone disguising their voice or a voice they heard before but didn't see a face (ie: over the phone) by making a Wits + Composure perception roll.

INFLUENCE (● to ●●●●●)
Effect: The character has a degree of control over society in some manner. Each sphere of influence may be purchased from a level of one to five dots, giving the character more control within that sphere of influence. Each dot gives the character +1 to social interactions with people in those fields, as well as opening up access to various resources from those influences.
Examples of influence are: Law, Local Government, Federal Government, Judicial, Industry, A Specific Company, Local Transportation, Local Media, Mass Media, Medical, Church, Cults, Country Club, etc. The broader the field, the less a character will be able to get from that influence. Being more specific in ones influence will get better results from the people within.


Medical Doctor ●●
Private Investigator ●
Police Officer ●●
Police Detective ●●●
Police Chief ●●●●
Police Commissioner ●●●●●
Lawyer ●●
Firefighter ●
Press Pass ●●
Business Executive ●●●●
Heir to Fortune ●●●●
Passport ●
Bachelors Degree ●
Masters Degree ●●
Doctorate ●●●
Military Sargent ●
Military Lt. ●●
Military Captain ●●●
Military Major Rank ●●●●
Gun License ●
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Character Building
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