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 Amherst Business Directory

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PostSubject: Amherst Business Directory   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:26 am

A list of relevant busineses, attractions and hotspots. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all things in Amherst.

Colston National Airport:
A minor airport, serving mostly privately owned aircraft. A few commercial liners and airbuses fly in daily.

Amherst Child Services
Helping to bring the children of Amherst into good care and safety. A government facility connected with the Merry Time Foster Home.

Merry Time Foster Home
Open since 1855. Was founded by the wife of the mayor when the town was struck by a wave of cholera incedents. Has grown into a major county facility now.

River Stadium
A combination ametuer field. Contains room for soccer, football, baseball and horse races. Home of the Amherst Crows (baseball).

Dalton Hotel
A four star hotel with a great amount of history since its founding in 1872. Has been host to diplomats, presidents and retired Confederate Generals. Has burnt down twice and been home to patient overflow during troubled times. It is fairly luxurious and popular.

Bell Shopping Plaza
Home to over 140 shops, this indoor-outdoor mall is the pride of Amherst commerce. If you can't find your favorite shop in this palace of retail, then you aren't at Bell Shopping Plaza. Sat. and Sundays you can find the flea market in the rear by the river.

Desmond Plaza
If you're tired of the riff-raff of Bell, got a little money to burn for the best shopping plaza money can buy you. Desmond plaza is a hot spot for the wealthier citizens of Amherst, but you will definately find the best of anything you're looking for...if you want to pay the outrageous price for it.

Mudd Electronics
Started out as a control board manufacturer for World War II planes and ships and came out of the era a survivor. They stayed low key until the boom of people in Amherst about ten years ago. They now employ over 500 people and make everything from computers, video game consoles, video games, and even excercise equipment.

ViTAL Corporation
Mainly a research firm and holding headquarters for over 80 companies under thier banner. Most of thier research has been in pharmacueticals and bio-tech lately. Thier trend seems to be demolishing companies who have nothing to do with either of those things. They employ 1500 locally, and 40,000 nationwide. They are very resolute about keeping thier business completely American with no overseas activity.

Klugman Theatre
Opened originally in 1780, it was a highlight attraction for all the small towns in the county. People would travel and stay in Amherst just see plays for the weekend. It stood for 85 years and was destroyed in the height of the cival war. It was rebuilt in 1870, much larger and more extravagant and is still a major entertainment venue to this day.

Amherst 16
A modern movie theatre with 16 rooms. Opened five years ago. You can see all the latest hits here.

Hawley Natural History Museum
Not the biggest museum in the country for sure. But it has some of the best minds and facilities in the southern states availible. Many famous exhibits and artifacts have passed through its halls at one time or another. Connected to it is the Amherst Historical Museum.

Castle Catering
The largest and most promenant catering service in the county. Fair priced hall rentals and courteous staff...if not a little eccentric in taste.

The Weatherly Manor
An old plantation west of Amherst with lots of history. The owners of the land have moved into a newer manse on the property allowing for people to tour the old manor house during the summers. The plantation grounds rival the size of Amherst downtown.

Union Hill Cemetary
A large spacious park with monuments to both Union and Confederate soldiers. Later, space was given to the dead of World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam conflict.

Exclamation ***NIGHT LIFE*** Exclamation

Suede Club
An upscale establishment, one of those places with a 'list' and a line. It has been around since the 90's serving much of the county's more posh crowd but has become a major local hangout for the rich and privaleged of Amherst.

Witman's Pub
A local dive just north of the ford serving mostly police and firemen.

The Lucky Clover
Opened a year ago, a very popular Irish pub with live music nightly.

Tucker's Mill
A family bar and grill. A simple restaurant with a separate bar for adults. On par with Ruby Tuesdays or Appleby's.

The Pinto Anne
Another Night Club open to all. Offers dancing nights of all types from ballroom, disco and electronica raves.

The Classic
A gentleman's club offering the hottest dancers around. Or so they say?

River Light
A dance hall owned by Castle Catering. Offers dance lessons during the week, along with various types of dance competions when they aren't hosting weddings and parties.

An italian cuisine and bar. Upscale setting with moderate prices.

Hermit's Edge
A small comfort dive in the Union Hill section of Amherst. The rumor is that it has been around since the late 1600's, a place for hunters and trappers to have a meal, drink and trade.
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Amherst Business Directory
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