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 Happenings Around Amherst & World

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Gary ST

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PostSubject: Happenings Around Amherst & World   Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:54 am

Local News (April 1st -April 7th)

Weatherly's break ground for new casino. The billionaire was on site this week to break ground in the southern part of Amherst to open the new Casino and Hotel called "The Lucky Star". The Casino is set to be opened in a couple of months as Perseus and Adam Weatherly have put in a great deal of money to have it ready in such a small amount of time. Parts of the building were pre-assembled offsite and will be lifted into the construction site after the foundation is settled.
-Amherst Herald

Crime Boss Busted. Amherst's worst was arrested on charges of racketeering and extortion in the northern area of Amherst today. The lower income area has been preyed upon by Mr. Hunter for a few years now. The crime boss, once a small time criminal had been lurking around Amherst all this time causing problems. This brings Amhersts crime rate way down; not that it wasn't already the lowest in the nation. Those under Mr. Hunter's banner have already scuttled into thier shadows or left town. At the moment, Mr. Hunter is not talking to authorities about his ties.
-Amherst Herald

A dozen lost people? Route 57, home to Amherst's strangest stories has washed up yet another insane story. This time its about people who were on a train that never existed and suddenly waking up in the woods. One even claimed to be on a bus. Some are still in comatose states at the hospital. We asked police about the situation, but all they could comment on was the fact that it was highly 'unusual'. This reporter is going to find these strange folks and ask them himself.
-River Banter Gossip Magazine

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Gary ST

Posts : 550
Join date : 2010-03-20

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Character Name: THE ST
Concept: ST

PostSubject: Re: Happenings Around Amherst & World   Tue May 18, 2010 11:07 am

Week 2: April 8th - 14th

Hit and Run: Another hit and run has occured in Amherst. Carly Javvoh, Age 24 was struck down by the same black enameled Chevy Nova as last months case where Harvey Malk, Age 36 was struck down on the opposite side of town. Witnesses at both scenes claim to have seen the same car with no tags on it. Police have been scouring the area looking for the vehicle. Given the limited routes out of Amherst, it is theorized that such a 'hot and loud' car would not go unnoticed for long. As far as police can tell, niether victim had anything in common other than they were walking alone at the time. The streets weren't totally empty as at least ten reliable witnesses have been able to report details. Photos of the car streaking away were also taken but have not been released outside of police evidence as of yet.

Castle Caterers Donates Big! The hottest catering service in town has seen fit to donate a quarter of a million dollars to refounding Amherst University, which will also go towards projects running in the Hawley Museum. Jerod Castle, the eccentric owner of Castle Catering is quoted. "If I give back to the town, it means I'm not taking anything from the town. And the town will be good. Which means I will be good". Castle Catering is known for both its professional eloquence and its off the wall 'surprises' when hosting events.
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Happenings Around Amherst & World
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